Episode 6

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19th Oct 2023

GAYBC Happy Hour | Original Date: 19 Oct 2023

Richie Roy and Johnny Mac have another thought-provoking discussion on stories and issues that impact the LGBTQ+ Community in the newest episode of the GAYBC Happy Hour. Impressed with 21 year old University of Wyoming transgender freshman Artemis Langford for her determination to confront transphobia head-on, the co-hosts are confused why a sexual or gender minority undergrad would choose to be part of the Greek environment historically mired in exclusivity, and particularly in a deeply red state that has a terrible history of LGBTQ+ hate crimes. The National Hockey League continues to reject diversity with a new ruling that bans players from using "Pride Tape" on the blade of their hockey sticks. Johnny Mac, a hockey fan, says that NHL executives should get 2 minutes in the penalty box for high sticking.

Choose your words wisely if you want to insult someone in Switzerland. Alain Soral has a history of running his mouth contrary to his own interests, but he's spending 60 days in the lock-up for calling a journalist a "fat lesbian." Could such a penalty ever be possible in the United States? Unlikely, but it might be an incentive to cripple hate. As we know, the USA has its own share of nutjobs whose blood runs cold. Tennessee is back in the news this week, where a crazy politician wants to become Mayor of Franklin. Gabrielle Hanson isn't hiding her affiliation and support of neo-Nazis, who she has invited to attend candidate forums.

The Golden State continues to be a trend-setter in protecting its citizens from those who are falling down on the job at the US Food & Drug Administration. It may only seem like a tint to you, but Red Dye No. 3 has bad health ramifications and California is putting a halt to its use. Find out why and how you may be endangered by it. And, Richie dons his apron at the Happy Hour School of Mixology. As autumn arrives and brings a chill in the air, he has a great idea for a sweet and spicy seasonal beverage.

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