Episode 2

Published on:

18th Jun 2023

GAYBC Happy Hour | Week of June 18, 2023

On this week's episode of the GAYBC Happy Hour, Richie Roy, Johnny Mac and Chick Maxson discuss a variety of topics around LGBTQ+ Pride.

The conversation starts with history and the modifications to the Pride Flag. The hosts also talk about news related to pride and the threats that Pride celebrations face in this new era of intolerance and disparagement of the community by elected officials and homo- and trans-phobic actions on the part of legislative bodies.

A discussion of book banning, unsafe places for LGBTQ+ people to travel, and some head-scratching pet peeves of the week take place. Actor, Comedian, Writer and Author Jason Stuart stops by and talks about his short form streaming hit SMOTHERED. And, a tribute to Brian De Matos, a social justice warrior who passed away last week in Toronto are all part of this episode.

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About the Podcast

GAYBC Happy Hour
Richie Roy and Johnny Mac Maxson co-host a weekly LGBTQ-themed Happy Hour, one of the All-New Mutual Broadcasting System pilot programs from the GAYBC Radio Network division.

Each episode will be produced live and welcome listener interaction on a variety of topics that will span LGBTQ-related topics and mainstream issues alike. Each week, the terrific trio will engage with newsmakers, thought leaders, and interesting people from all walks of life in a two-hour dialog that welcomes participation via telephone calls to (760) 677-0111. Messages may also be sent via e-mail to studio@gaybchappyhour.com. Following each live broadcast, shows will be made available as a podcast for convenience listening.

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