Episode 2

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21st Sep 2023

GAYBC Happy Hour | Original Date: 21 Sept 2023

Richie Roy and Johnny Mac have brewed up 2 hours of thought-provoking discussion for this episode of GAYBC Happy Hour. It’s a bi-coastal blast of current events, shenanigans, product recommendations and consumer warnings, some adult conversation to go along with the adult liquid concoctions they will provide you details on how to make! It’s another action-packed show.

Social media alt-right influencer Sneako has posted videos of himself interacting with young male fans at a Miami sporting event. They spouted transphobic, misogynistic, and violent homophobic comments. But, the hosts talk about ‘where do they learn that stuff from?’ It’s time for consequences. It’s not the first time our dynamic duo has had their hackles raised by Republicans who have had success using “parents rights” to push anti-LGBTQ policies in public schools. Turns out that polling shows this activism is not sitting well with most parents. Richie and Johnny pick the GOP apart like jackals with road kill. This week, Moms for Liberty, another of these nutty buddies on the right are being exposed by former South Park scriptwriter Toby Morton. Like any episode of South Park, it makes us laugh til we wanna pee our pants!

The transphobes across the pond in merry ‘ol England have gone as crazy as those beer drinking TV ad critics drinking Bud Light in the USA. God forbid! Braun is taking heat from the haters with an ad campaign focused on a FTM male using one of their razors. The hosts are itching their whiskers to chime in and you can, too. Join the conversation! Maybelle Blair is 96 years old and she just came out a year ago. She was a player in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. She also served as an adviser to Amazon Prime’s production of A League of Their Own. We'll tell you about how the Mets are honoring her and more. 

Finally, our resident mixologist Richie Roy is in the Happy Hour Bar playing with his swizzle stick!

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GAYBC Happy Hour
Richie Roy and Johnny Mac Maxson co-host a weekly LGBTQ-themed Happy Hour, one of the All-New Mutual Broadcasting System pilot programs from the GAYBC Radio Network division.

Each episode will be produced live and welcome listener interaction on a variety of topics that will span LGBTQ-related topics and mainstream issues alike. Each week, the terrific trio will engage with newsmakers, thought leaders, and interesting people from all walks of life in a two-hour dialog that welcomes participation via telephone calls to (760) 677-0111. Messages may also be sent via e-mail to studio@gaybchappyhour.com. Following each live broadcast, shows will be made available as a podcast for convenience listening.

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