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14th Sep 2023

GAYBC Happy Hour | Original Date: September 14, 2023

Join hosts Richie Roy who is on-location in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and Johnny Mac in Palm Springs as they return to the GAYBC Happy Hour studio after a week off to discuss current events, LGBTQ+ matters, and more. This week, they have a special guest co-hostBlake Oliver, joining them from the Windy City.

They dive into the latest Twitter drama involving “Tragic” Tucker Carlson, the white supremacist who invited a convicted felon and proven liar, Larry Sinclair, on his "show." Sinclair famously claimed he had a gay encounter with Barack Obama in 1999. Meanwhile, Rep. Lauren Boebert's controversial tenure in the House of Representatives is facing challenges as polls indicate she may struggle to keep her seat due to her continually defecating in her seat in Congress.

On a positive note, the trio celebrate the visibility of LGBTQ+ athletes in professional sports. Carl Nassib, the first openly gay NFL player, is retiring, leaving a significant mark on the sports world. Collin Martin with the San Diego Loyal soccer club remains the only publicly out gay athlete in American men's professional sports. And in a heartwarming twist, the organization Moms for Liberty tried their transphobia in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, but students and parents stood up, leading to the rehiring of Sasha Yates, a transgender female tennis coach. That’s one for the ‘W’ column!

The conversation turns to the controversial topic of heterosexual actors playing LGBTQ+ roles in film and on stage, with Pedro Almodóvar defending his casting choices. They'll also explore the reverse scenario of LGBTQ+ actors in heterosexual character roles.

And, don't miss our new features: Great Moments in Deposition History with Law Professor Richie Roy and how to whip up great libations with the GAYBC Happy Hour School of Mixology!

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GAYBC Happy Hour
Richie Roy and Johnny Mac Maxson co-host a weekly LGBTQ-themed Happy Hour, one of the All-New Mutual Broadcasting System pilot programs from the GAYBC Radio Network division.

Each episode will be produced live and welcome listener interaction on a variety of topics that will span LGBTQ-related topics and mainstream issues alike. Each week, the terrific trio will engage with newsmakers, thought leaders, and interesting people from all walks of life in a two-hour dialog that welcomes participation via telephone calls to (760) 677-0111. Messages may also be sent via e-mail to studio@gaybchappyhour.com. Following each live broadcast, shows will be made available as a podcast for convenience listening.

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