Episode 13

Published on:

31st Aug 2023

GAYBC Happy Hour | Original Date: August 31, 2023

Get ready for a jam-packed episode of GAYBC Happy Hour with your charismatic hosts Richie Roy and Johnny Mac! This week, they're diving headfirst into the most pressing LGBTQ+ news and issues that have been making waves around the world. We kick off with Pope Francis's stern warning to conservative bishops and cardinals in the United States. The hosts explore how the Pope's message is a call for acceptance and compassion towards LGBTQ+ individuals, immigrants, and the homeless, emphasizing the need for unity within the church. Next up is a discussion about President Joe Biden's groundbreaking financial relief initiative that's set to provide unprecedented support to United States citizens. The hosts unpack how this relief is particularly crucial for addressing the over-inflated prescription drug prices that have disproportionately affected low-income earners, seniors, and individuals reliant on life-saving medications without insurance benefits. Turning the spotlight on the more seedy world of politics, Richie and Johnny dig into the antics of Rep. George Santos, the often-fibbing gay representative in Congress. From his eyebrow-raising antics to showcasing the astonishing results of his healthcare benefits, including the Ozempic weight loss treatment, the hosts provide their colorful commentary on his larger-than-life ridiculousness.

Celebrating a major victory for LGBTQ+ rights, the Brazilian Supreme Court's groundbreaking decision takes center stage. The hosts delve into how this monumental ruling clears the path to justice by sending homophobes to prison, offering them a chance to reflect on their harmful behavior. California Attorney General Rob Bonta's unyielding stand against transphobia also grabs the spotlight, as Richie and Johnny analyze the legal action being taken against a California school district. This inspiring move showcases the power of advocating for trans rights and inclusivity. The poor Log Cabin Republicans are back in the headlines with news that the GOP's plans to hold their convention in Houston, Texas will exclude LGBTQ+ delegates in 2028. Richie and Johnny's commentary promises to be as fiery as the Texan sun. And, it’s no more sunshine and sprinkles as an LGBTQ+ sweets business Big Gay Ice Cream hits a sour end.

Tune in this week to GAYBC Happy Hour for an engaging, witty, and thought-provoking journey through the latest LGBTQ+ news, politics, and culture. Let Richie Roy and Johnny Mac be your guides through the stories that matter most to the community. Grab your favorite drink and join the conversation!

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Richie Roy and Johnny Mac Maxson co-host a weekly LGBTQ-themed Happy Hour, one of the All-New Mutual Broadcasting System pilot programs from the GAYBC Radio Network division.

Each episode will be produced live and welcome listener interaction on a variety of topics that will span LGBTQ-related topics and mainstream issues alike. Each week, the terrific trio will engage with newsmakers, thought leaders, and interesting people from all walks of life in a two-hour dialog that welcomes participation via telephone calls to (760) 677-0111. Messages may also be sent via e-mail to studio@gaybchappyhour.com. Following each live broadcast, shows will be made available as a podcast for convenience listening.

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